Carports By 123v Plc

123v® have been fitting carports across the UK since 1997. Our carports have been installed in some of the most weather-demanding regions of the UK. From coping with hurricane winds and extreme snowfall in northern Scotland, to high winds, torrential downpours and UV-intense sunlight in the South of England, our carports and canopies have stood up to their reputation.


The GRP Cantilevered Carport Canopy

The first product that was released was the Glass-reinforced Polyester Cantilevered carport. The greater strength and quality of the product allowed it to very quickly rise above the competition as it became clear that some competitors’ products could not withstand snowfalls and high winds.

The beams are manufactured in-house and are produced to the highest industrial standards. Inside the cantilever carport beam we mould in a structural grade aluminium Section that we have designed specifically to reinforce the product. This makes for a far stronger beam without adding undue weight. The roof sheeting screws also go thought the sheet into the aluminium section which creates a far stronger carport roof fixing. This is very important to counteract the uplift generated by high winds. We do not normally add purlins on GRP cantilever carports as you would have to on standard roof sheeting. This we would see as a weakness. Our sheeting has built in purlins within the profile. At the ends of each beam we have an aluminium end trim gutter, designed by ourselves in two sections which feed any rainfall in to the main carport gutter system, thus stopping water running down the side of the beams.

Canopies are designed to withstand the worst weather conditions and the heaviest of snowfalls in the UK. Where required we supply removable snow post for the customer. This is a belt and braces approach. Safety is always our one priority. The GRP, Glass-Reinforced Polyester Beams are produced at our facility in Central Scotland and shipped nationwide. Made with an integral structural grade aluminium sub-frame, our beams are stress tested to overcome the imposed loads of heavy snowfall, even as far as northern Scotland. They are fitted onto any existing wall structure using mechanical fixtures.

As with our traditional carport canopies, our cantilever carports are available in white and brown as standard, with any special colours available on request. The ease of installation and versatility of the cantilever canopy makes it ideal as a carport. With a sheeting lifetime of 30 years and a 10-year guarantee on the carport product, fixtures and fittings, we at 123V are very confident that our products will serve their purpose for many years. Built to last.


The Traditional Aluminium Carports

The next product to be released by 123V®, after the GRP cantilevered canopy, was the Traditional Aluminium lean-to carport canopy. Ideal as a carport, due to its greater span distances and minimal profile, the traditional carport canopy provides excellent weather protection and unrivalled strength, completely supporting any imposed load at different locations in the UK and even at different heights above sea-level.

As mentioned above, the traditional carport has been designed to span much greater distances, using proprietary, patented beam designs created by our engineering staff. This can allow for double garages, longer drives and larger patios.

Our traditional carport canopies are extremely versatile and can be used in many situations. We find that the most popular use for a traditional canopy is in fact as a car port, due to the extremely slender framework, made from structural grade aluminium, which provides a large amount of space while still completely covering a car, driveway or the entrance to a garage.

Our traditional carports come in two standard colours, white and brown. However they can be supplied in any colour on request. The wider span of the canopy structure allows for much greater protection from the weather and the construction method means the carport can be attached to any size of building, from a bungalow to a terraced house and even a country home.